The days are lengthening, I can already tell. The chickens, who took a break from laying for a few weeks, are sharing an egg per day.

Around now the indoor greenery is keeping my spirits up. The tips of narcissus are reaching toward the ceiling, and the amaryllis has a fat bud that looks promising. Also green and thriving is the winter garden with moss and stones.

I gathered moss before the snow flew back in December and put this winter garden together. It was so easy to do and sustains my link to the dirt under all that snow. About once a week I take off the dome and spray the moss to keep it moist and green.

If you are able to find some woodland rocks on a south facing slope, you can still gather moss. Even with a ton of snow on the fields, I’ve seen some green spots peeking out here and there on my back-road drive to my parent’s house. I have plans to collect moss to surround the amaryllis bulb I mentioned.

Winter Garden

What you need:

  • a plate or container for a little soil and stones (moss only needs stone and a tiny bit of dirt and moisture to thrive)
  • glass dome (I found this at my local thrift store)
  • gathered moss—if you can find a few different varieties it adds to the interest of the garden. Some mosses will become cushioned and velvety. Others will send up little shoots like small antennae).
  • a small porcelain item can be a nice decorative touch, or a small cut branch with winterberry for some color.
  • spray bottle filled with water

Arrange your stones on a plate, or fill a container with stones and then soil. Moisten the soil. Top with several stones for the moss to grow over.

Collect your moss and blanket the stones and soil with the pieces. If your moss is in tiny pieces lay them together. They will fill in quickly as the moss grows.

Using the spray bottle thoroughly mist the top of the moss.

Add any decorative porcelain birds or small berry twigs now.

Place the dome on top. If condensation forms, prop the dome open a little with a utensil to allow some moisture to escape for about a day. You can leave the winter garden in the sunshine to help speed the drying. Then close the dome again to keep most of the moisture in.

Spray the moss about once a week. If it gets brown, don’t worry. Spray it and it will revive again in a few days.