Late-Summer-Foraging-4 © Sue Schlabach  

Are you a forager?

In spring I dig up ramps and cut fiddleheads. I love to find raspberries, blackberries and untended apple trees. But other than morels, which I can identify well, I’m a little timid to collect and eat mushrooms. © Sue Schlabach The surprise of this week is the blooms of mushrooms we’ve found in our twice daily woods walk with the dog. In the last two days I couldn’t resist and started foraging the most beautiful of the mushrooms, to compare them to each other for size, to identify them in my mushroom guides, and to take their pictures. I’m sure the bulk are inedible, but I will say that they all have similar scents and each feels moist and waxy. © Sue Schlabach   I’m leaving this post to go find my guidebooks and see if any of these will be tempting to put in a pan for dinner. If you beat me to the identity, please share! Happy hunting. Late-Summer-Foraging-5 © Sue Schlabach