The snow is piling up, just as they said. For once the hype seems true. My main happiness is watching it obscure all the broken branches under the trees, and the last piles of garden debris I raked up but never hauled to the compost pile. And then there is the copious amount of horse manure down in the field. I’m pretty happy to see it fully erased from the kitchen table view.

All these things were bared after our first snows melted in rain two weeks ago. Winter’s game of peekaboo continues.

Hidden. Revealed. Hidden. Revealed.

(This storm could keep it all hidden until April, for all we know.)



Here is some eye candy I’ve been taking in this morning—visions of handmade textiles in India. Somehow I stumbled on the above image of sewing hands and traced it to The Weavers, in New Delhi, India.

At this writing their website is under construction, but here is a link to show you more of their lovely wares.

Vivid color, tactile beauty and handmade design befitting a snowy day.