129twigandvine, hop vines. © Sue Schlabach

August left and so did the feeling of summer. Greg Brown sings, “One day fall appears with a chilly dawn,” and we know how that feels.

I like the shift, to be honest.

And each year when this shift happens I try to get some garden time in while I pack my bags to head to Europe with an eye for art and designs for Wild Apple. First stop Maison et Objet in Paris.

Far from the misty mornings where the hop vines trail down in front of the west window, motorcycles whirr up the alley by my window in the Marais. The nah-nah…nah-nah of a Parisian police car nears and recedes. Rain patters quietly on the window box plants and it’s time to attempt to find something that isn’t too wrinkly to wear to dinner.

More news to come. But first a night of sleep. And café au lait. Lots of café au lait.