Happy Thanksgiving from the American prairie.

Here we are in Kansas. An eclectic feast is simmering in the kitchen- tamales side-by-side with turkey gravy. Two pumpkin pies bake, scenting the air with allspice and cinnamon.

Vintage phone ©Sue Schlabach

We’ve come here from Vermont, Pennsylvania and Brooklyn, to gather and cook, laugh, catch up and relax at the home of my sister and brother-in-law.

I’m grateful for the brief change of scenery and climate (it’s warm here!). The wide plains of golden fields, baked crisp from the summer drought, and greening fields of freshly planted winter wheat are vastly different from my view at home, yet so beautiful to me.

In our flea market exploring yesterday I found this vintage bakelite telephone. It reminds me of all the connections in life-near and far.

I immediately dialed my childhood phone number, and for a moment the years slipped away. I almost expected that my 10 year old self would pick up. What would she say? Probably, “When will the pies be ready?”