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On the Easel

Walker Hill, Fable Farm, and More Swallows

In February I traveled to Kochi in Kerala, India, for 10 days of bold color, rich connections, and a renewed appreciation for leaping out of my comfort zone. I came home to mud season and sent pictures of snow and frozen rivers to new friends. They sent me pictures of a parade of elephants. How this trip will manifest in my artwork, I cannot tell you. But I’m sure it will.

I came home and got right to work finishing some new work for the Members Show at the Bryan Memorial Gallery which opens on Saturday, March 9 from 3-6. If you want to take a weekend roadtrip, grab a friend and come on up. We have to do things like this (roadtrips) while we wait for the snow to melt and the dirt roads to dry out. It’s muddy out here in East Barnard.

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Sue Schlabach Artist

My studio is the former taproom in an 1830s brick house in rural Vermont.

But my favorite studio is under the sky where I get started on most of my paintings. The French call this en plein air, meaning in the open air. My brother gave me an old easel and it accompanies me around the back roads and hillsides near my home. In 2022 I started painting from the bed of our old pickup truck (I saw the Irish artist Elizabeth Cope doing this on the pages of Faire magazine and had to try it). I spend the winter months finishing my summer paintings, and creating dreamscapes that are composites of the places I’ve been fortunate to go. I work in slow-dry acrylics by Golden Paints and use wide hardware store brushes and Rosemary artist brushes. Just love them!

Paint, snap, write,

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Do you want to learn to paint, draw or sew?

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Can I paint some patterns or birds on your walls, or restore damaged wallpaper (yes, I do this).

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From my journal

Thank You Robert Shetterly

Thank You Robert Shetterly

Thank you Robert Shetterly for your vision and fortitude in bringing your art Americans Who Tell the Truth to my local gallery, The White River Gallery at BALE in South Royalton. This is the third time I've had the privilege of seeing some of your portraits...

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January Gardening

January Gardening

January thaw came and went last weekend. The temps rose to mid 50s and after walking the dog on our muddy road I got motivated to cut back the dried perennial stalks by the house and in the garden. When my mom got sick last fall, cutting back the garden...

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A Girl and Her Chicken

A Girl and Her Chicken

The last months of 2019 are in the rearview mirror, and I'm happy to have them behind me. I leave that time a little bruised and vulnerable, having lost my mother to a rapid decline from stage 4 cancer in mid November. She was a force of nature and a muse to...

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