© Sue Schlabach

In six months the sun will be setting at 4 pm and I’ll be longing for this day.

The first day of summer dawned with the promise of intense heat. There was barely dew on the grass when we went out to eat breakfast in the garden. The lambs got busy grazing, sensing that later they’ll be chewing cud in the shade.

How will you spend the first day of summer?

I will wander down the hill and over the river to drop two girls off at a farm to ride horses and play fiddles all day (a whole week of horse and fiddle camp!!! only in Vermont…). Then over the big hill to the next valley to work and meet an English artist who is bringing her portfolio.

Back over the hill to collect hot dusty girls who may need to dunk in the river. Heck I may need to take a dip. Note to self: pack bathing suit and towel in with the laptop, camera and work bag.

Perhaps there will even be ice cream as the hot hours drift slowly, soooo slowly, toward that late sunset we dream of in the dark of December.