© Lauren Geremia, shown on www.129twigandvine.com

bird ceiling by Lauren Geremia

2014 is marching onward. Here I am in February watching the light change and finding myself cleaning the house with spring on my mind and snow whirling outside the windows. My daughter turned 12. We are on the verge or acquiring a horse that needs a home. Life is changing and I’m barely catching up.

The sky cracked and sparkled this morning. The thermometer said zero (fahrenheit). The sky was the color of raw silk. A fresh foot of snow capped the barn, the chicken house, and the cars.

Stepping outside I braced for the chill, and instead felt a balm I didn’t expect. Not a trace of wind. Only a soothing touch in the air that promised that spring is coming—even though it’s still a long way off at the 35th latitude (8 weeks, I’d wager).

And so.

Birds—wings frantically beating—caught my fancy this morning, thanks to Desire to Inspire. This design is the work of Bay area designer, Lauren Geremia. Thanks Lauren for capturing my mood on this bitter cold morning.

Reminder to self. Look up.