Postbox in Snow, © Rachael Talibart.

A red English postbox is the essence of beautiful utilitarian design in my book. And this snow dusted postbox seems to be the essence of holiday anticipation.

Rachael Talibart, based in the south of England, is the photographer, and shares about her travels and life through photography at her blog Focused Moments. She is a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and captures light beautifully in her many atmospheric photographs. She sells prints of her landscape and nature work here.

I wish I could post a stack of green-enveloped Christmas cards into this wintry postbox. Or feed into its mouth a brown paper package bound with red and white string. Instead, I will take my letters and packages down to Greg, at the post office in town. With its big blue lozenge of an ugly post box sitting outside.

Winter on Desborough Island, © Rachael Talibart.

Road to No-where, © Rachael Talibart.

Summer Evening, Lyme Regis, © Rachael Talibart.